About Us

Troop 63 has been in continuous operation for over 50 years dating back to March of 1966.

We are chartered by the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church at 15625 S. Bell Road, Homer Glen, IL.  We were chartered (until recently) by many variations of the Luther J. Schilling School and its PTA and PTO clubs, our Troop was actually founded just after the school was originally built.  We thank those organizations as well as the Homer 33c School District and its administration for the many years of leadership and assistance.  Our Troop is in the Waapi Lenaswa District which is one of two districts in the Rainbow Council located and operated from Morris, IL.

The Troop generally meets every Tuesday evening (6:30PM > 8:00PM) throughout the year. We have monthly outings, and attend Summer Camp in June every year. We also have a kick-off the year Family Picnic where all of the awards and merit bdges from Summer Camp are passed out.

We currently meet at Shepherd of the Hill Church, 925 E. 9th Street, Lockport, IL. From time to time we may also meet at alternate locations in the area.

Troop 63 is a boy run organization. Youth leadership meets on a monthly basis and plans regular meeting agendas, plans outings and outings agendas as well as menus, duty rosters, etc. Each year a list of places to go weekend and long term camping is created by the youth leadership and brought to the adult committee by the Scoutmaster for approval.

Adult leadership is available to be a resource, offer guidance to drive and chaperone on trips and outings – not to run the meetings or "baby-sit. "All youth are expected to be a part of Troop operations, initially in their “patrol”.  As each Scout becomes older and more proficient in Scouting skills he will be expected to fill a Troop leadership position and lead by example.  This is also an advancement requirement.

The uniform of the Troop is the field uniform shirt (Class A shirt) the yellow Troop kerchief, the red Troop baseball style cap and blue jean pants with a belt. Shoes and socks must also be worn – no sandals unless we are at an outdoor event that sandals are appropriate footwear. If the Scout would rather wear the field uniform green pant they are also acceptable ~ but not required. Our “uniform” also includes coming to meetings with the Boy Scout Handbook, a pen or pencil and paper or a notebook. All scouts are expected to be in uniform at all meetings for inspection. The uniform must also be worn to and from all campouts, and on all outings and hikes, etc. unless otherwise instructed by Troop leadership.

Troop uniform (specialty) items are only available from the Troop.  The field uniform and other BSA apparel is available at each of these BSA Council officesRainbow - 921 S. State Street, Lockport, IL 60450 Ph. 815-942-4450 - Des Plaines Valley - 811 West Hillgrove Ave., La Grange, IL 60525 Ph. 708-352-3144, Chicago - 1218 W. Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60607 Ph.– 312-738-3324 as well as on-line at www.scoutstuff.org

We usually have three major fundraisers each year.  We hold an annual Pancake Breakfast on a Sunday morning in the spring, and a Spaghetti Dinner on a Sunday afternoon in the fall. Both are held at the John Olson American Legion Post 18 on Archer & 151st in Lockport, IL. We also sell the BSA popcorn each year - usually in the Fall.  A large percentage of all monies raised goes back into the individual Scout’s Family Savings Account to be used for anything that is Scouting or camping related.

It is not unusual to be able to raise at least one half of the cost of a week at summer camp with these fundraisers – in addition many boys use these monies to pay for their monthly campout expenses.

Speaking of monthly campouts; we go camping every month of the year except December, when we take part in some other outing such as our annual "Dearborn Hike" in downtown Chicago.

Our monthly campouts are usually within a 125-150 mile radius of Homer Glen. We depart from William Young school on Cedar Rd. on Friday evening around 5PM and return on Sunday afternoon. The fee that is charged is usually $25.00 to $50.00 per person – depending upon the cost of the campground, user’s fees and food for the weekend. The Troop also goes to Summer Camp every year. We attend summer camp at Rainbow Scout Reservation on even number years, and travel to a new and different camp somewhere within a 300 mile radius or less of Homer Glen on odd years. Summer Camp fees usually range between $150 and $400 per person. The Troop also plans and attends High Adventure trips to places like Philmont Scout Ranch, Seabase, and Northern Tier. High Adventure usually has a minimum age and rank requirement depending upon the trip. Fees usually are in the $750-$2000 range.

The Troop owns tents, dining canopies and plenty of camping “gear.” We stow infrequently used gear in our storage shed and all of our frequently used gear in our trailer. We need help pulling the trailer on some outings depending upon which adult leader is going and who has pulled the trailer during any given year. Our trailer has it own inertia braking system and four wheels.  It is a very stable piece of equipment and weighs in at approximately 3000 pounds fully loaded.  Scouts can bring their own tents – if they desire – it is not necessary though.  A list of personal gear that would make 1st time packing for these outings easier is available from the Troop and may be found on this website.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to come along on all outings - but your presence is not always necessary. We do need additional drivers from time to time – whether you can stay the weekend or not. We will make that announcement the week before the outing based upon who is available to chaperone and the size of their vehicles.  As long as we have two-deep leadership and generally a one adult to every eight boy ratio we are great!  All adult participants on any Troop overnight event are required to complete the Youth Protection Training course found at scouting.org.  The course takes about 90 minutes; successful completion will give participants a certificate that needs to be turned into the Scoutmaster before departing on the outing.

Annual Troop registration fees cover the cost of the National BSA Registration, annual dues for the Troop and Boys Life magazine. Registration fees vary from year to year – please see one of the Troop Board Members for more information. We need your help too in providing a great program to your scout. We are all volunteers pulling together for this awesome cause. Just paying the money and dropping your son off doesn’t help him or us. Get involved, have fun yourself – stay young!

If we haven’t made it clear enough yet – We encourage and need your adult participation in the Troop!  We need additional Assistant Scoutmasters, Merit Badge Counselors, various Chairpersons and helpers, Chaperones, Drivers, etc. Our Adult Committee meets generally on the first Thursday of each Scouting month and late summer to oversee our annual calendar and carry out the business end of operating the Troop.  Parents are encouraged to participate as Members of Committee, event or outing chair or as one of the officers.

BSA training is available for all positions!  The Waapi Lenaswa District Training Committee is active and several classes are now available from National BSA on the Internet.  Feel free to go to scouting.org and read about the Scouting program - there's a lot to learn.  It's free, easy and available 24 hours a day for your usage.

Thanks for your interest in our Troop; we hope that you will join the adult leaders groups.  We also hope that you enjoy your time in the Troop working with your son and other boys building great memories.